Saturday, 31 May 2014

Liverpool's maritime heritage - book list 3

More books from the list provided by Professor Nick White at our most recent meeting.

This time, on the Great Shipping Lines

Chandler, George  Liverpool Shipping; a short history (1960)

Elson, Peter  The Great Mersey Shipping Lines

Gardiner, Robin  The History of the White Star Line (2006)

Scarth, Alan Titanic and Liverpool (2009)

Hyde, F E  Cunard and the North Atlantic  1840 - 1973.  (1975)

The first four are showing up in the Liverpool Library catalogue.

Liverpool's maritime heritage - book list part 2

Our latest speaker, Professor Nick White, left us with a long list of books on Liverpool's maritime heritage.  We're posting details of these on this blog.  This is the second post in the list (go back a little for the first).  And more are to follow!

Introductory or Overview Books on the topic

Jarvis, Adrian  Liverpool: A History of The Great Port (2014)

Belcham, John (ed) Liverpool 800: Culture, Character and History (2006).  The chapter by Graeme Milne was recommended.

Lane, Tony  Liverpool: City of the Sea (1997)

Haggerty, Webster and White (eds) The Empire in One City? (2008)

Hyde, F. E  Liverpool and the Mersey (1971)

Of these, the Belcham, Lane and Haggerty books are all in the library catalogue.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Library cuts consultation

Dont forget there's just one week now to get your library survey form in.  These forms are part of the Council's consultation ahead of their announcement/decision over which libraries they propose to close.  It's really important that people who value their local library actually speak up for it.

You can find the on - line version of the form at this link.

The Council is also having a few "public meetings" about this.  The meetings are not about specific libraries but about the whole thing.  There's one on 30th May at 2pm at Central Library.