Saturday, 31 May 2014

Liverpool's maritime heritage - book list part 2

Our latest speaker, Professor Nick White, left us with a long list of books on Liverpool's maritime heritage.  We're posting details of these on this blog.  This is the second post in the list (go back a little for the first).  And more are to follow!

Introductory or Overview Books on the topic

Jarvis, Adrian  Liverpool: A History of The Great Port (2014)

Belcham, John (ed) Liverpool 800: Culture, Character and History (2006).  The chapter by Graeme Milne was recommended.

Lane, Tony  Liverpool: City of the Sea (1997)

Haggerty, Webster and White (eds) The Empire in One City? (2008)

Hyde, F. E  Liverpool and the Mersey (1971)

Of these, the Belcham, Lane and Haggerty books are all in the library catalogue.

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