Sunday, 27 October 2013

Our winning reviews - Emily Davey on Jean Ure

Earlier this month we presented book tokens to the two young people who won our summer review writing awards.  You can see their pictures in an earlier post.  We're now publishing the reviews they wrote.

First, this one is fro Emily.

Hunky Dory by Jean Ure


Reviewed by Emily Davey (nine at time of writing, now ten.) from Speke.



"This is a book about Dorian, a boy in Year Seven with a mid-life crisis.


Girls won’t leave him alone.


With the help of his friends he tries to ignore the girls but it’s not easy to ignore them as they keep bothering him.


Dorian’s only interest is Dinosaurs.  He has a giant hole in his garden where he digs but will he cope as his little sister won’t leave him alone?



This is an excellent book to read but may not be suitable for young children as it is only meant for older children.  I think Jean Ure’s age group is nine and above.  Although this book is not meant for a young age group it is a great book to read.  Jean’s book series are amazing and have informative advice for growing up."



ISBN: 0007224605


Published 2007, Harper Collins.


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