Sunday, 27 October 2013

Our winning reviews - Jennifer Rigby on Jacqueline Wilson

Earlier this month we presented book tokens to the winners of our summer writing competition.

Now we are publishing their reviews.

This one is from Jennifer who writes about Jacqueline Wilson

My Sister Jodie by Jacqueline Wilson.


Reviewed by Jennifer Rigby, age 12, from Mossley Hill



"This book was written by my favourite author Jacqueline Wilson.  I love the way Wilson can project images of people, places, animals etc just by using imaginative settings and characters.  For me, this book is overflowing with imagination. 


I admire the way Wilson can include just the right balance of comedy and seriousness into this story.  The drama side to it brings suspense to the atmosphere the author wants the readers to feel.


I can tell you from experience, without ruining it for others, that when the major Final Event happens the atmosphere I get is one of great sadness and somewhat guilt. 


This is because Wilson uses plenty of writing techniques to not only keep the reader’s interest but to leave them wanting more.


This is the effect the book left with me which is why I give “My Sister Jodie” four out of five stars as it is a great read for the younger generation and includes the correct amount of everything."

ISBN:  0385610122


Published 2008, Doubleday.



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